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The purpose of this listserv is to promote communication. Appropriate postings to the list include: job openings, notices of library-related events (including workshops or classes), requests for information on how other libraries do things, and discussion of current library events. Advertisements, non library-related messages, personal attacks, chain letters, and jokes are NOT appropriate. Occasionally, a subject will come up that generates many posts because of its controversial nature. If the discussion threatens to overwhelm our mailboxes or becomes acrimonious, the listowner or other list members may suggest that those interested in discussing it further take their discussion off the list.


List Mechanics

Inappropriate List Use, Warnings & Suspension

Please note: the goal here is not to remove people from the list. Anyone who is warned should feel free to discuss their situation with the listowner. A subscriber may appeal a decision of the listowner to the BRLA Executive Board.

Legal Disclaimer

The Border Regional Library Association and the listowner are not responsible for any postings to the list or consequences that may arise from these postings.

accepted 11/14/00

If you have any questions, contact the list owner, Norice Lee

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